Launch of Paducah 311 - Service Request App and Online Portal

Date of Release: 
January 26, 2022

Paducah 311 graphicToday, the City of Paducah officially launched Paducah 311 which will enhance the public’s experience by providing more ways to request a service, report issues, or ask a question through an app and online portal.

Mayor George Bray said, “Throughout my business career and now as Mayor, I have always emphasized two things: communication and follow-through.  With the Paducah 311 portal and app, we are using technology to drive efficiency within the City while focusing on providing a great experience and documented paper trail for requests from our customers, Paducah’s citizens and visitors.”

City Manager Daron Jordan said, “The Paducah 311 service request app and online portal will open the door to new efficiencies since an issue or service request can be routed quickly through the software to the appropriate staff member.  The citizen or visitor doesn’t have to search for the correct phone number or department to make a report.  The software takes care of it for them. Plus, they can submit a picture which is helpful for our staff as they respond to the report.  I am proud of our internal team for the hours they have spent on this service request system with the goal of enhancing the public’s experience with government.”

Assistant City Manager Michelle Smolen said, “Paducah 311 is a new tool in elevating the public’s access to government information, service, and resources.  Furthermore, Paducah 311 is a perfect fit as we are driven by our organizational values to provide exceptional service delivery.  The addition of this new app and online portal will allow us to have a deeper partnership with Paducah’s residents.”  

The request types that can be submitted through Paducah 311 include

Abandoned Vehicle

Brush Pickup

City Employment

Code Enforcement

Dead Animal

General Finance Request

General Information Request

General Parks Service Request

General Police Request

Right-of-Way Obstructions


Program & Event Inquiries

Property Maintenance

Please note that Paducah 311 is not for emergencies.  Call 9-1-1 for emergency situations.

To use the Paducah 311 app, download MyCivic 311 at no charge via the Google Play Store or the App Store.  Once downloaded, find Paducah 311 and click “Report an Issue.”  Visit the online Paducah 311 portal.  The portal is linked in several locations on the City’s website including the bottom of each page.

The information can be submitted anonymously.  However, setting up an account online will allow for email updates and an efficient way for staff to gather more information if necessary.  Once a service request is entered, a tracking number will be provided which can be used for reference.

City Clerk and Customer Experience Department Director Lindsay Parish said, “I am excited for the public to start using Paducah 311.  There has been a lot of work internally to prepare staff including hours of building and testing the software.  Paducah 311 is an advanced and innovative product that will help us better engage and respond to our community.”

If someone needs assistance using the app or portal, please email the Customer Experience Department at  


Date of release:  January 26, 2022