Message from Mayor George Bray - 2024 Mental Health Awareness Month

Date of Release: 
April 30, 2024

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Paducah is raising awareness of the role mental health plays in our lives. To kick off this important month, below is a message from Mayor George Bray.

We live in a rapidly changing world that can be complex to navigate. The pandemic brought about some fundamental changes in the way we view work and affected many of our relationships. In addition, we are constantly connected through our devices which makes it difficult to turn out the noise of the world. For better or for worse, our modern life can have a significant impact on mental health. We are constantly bombarded with information; however, at the same time, our modern technology allows us to mobilize and provide collective support to each other.

While our devices make us more connected than ever, loneliness is an increasingly serious public health concern. Recent survey data show that more than half of U.S. adults (58%) are lonely.

During the last two strategic planning sessions, Paducah’s City Commissioners and I have discussed the importance of mental health. I want to thank Commissioner Raynarldo Henderson for starting our conversations about how to help each other and our community. The conversations are important, but they can be difficult.

I have suffered a personal loss in my family from which I will never fully recover. I understand all too well the need for mental health support.

During this May’s Mental Health Month, we encourage members of the community to protect their mental health and overall well-being. Finding a sense of calm and focusing on well-being can be daunting in our fast-paced society. It’s challenging to know where to start, but there are partners in this community that want to assist.

Mental Health America has created materials that will help you reach out when you’re not doing well. Plus, there are materials to help loved ones know what to say and connect to those who are not fine. We have posted links to local and national resources on our website.

Please take that first step to reach out for help or to start the conversation with someone who is hurting.

Take care of yourself and each other.

Paducah Mayor George P. Bray

Mental Health Awareness Resources