Reminder about Paducah Sign Regulations During Campaign Season

Date of Release: 
June 06, 2022

The City of Paducah wants to remind the public and those involved in a political campaign about the City’s regulations regarding temporary signs. 

Political yard signs, a temporary sign placed on private property with the owner’s permission, are often a staple of campaigns.  However, Paducah’s Code of Ordinances (Chapter 126-76 (g)(8)) limits the amount of time these signs can be displayed.  They can be placed beginning 60 days prior to the date of a primary, state, or federal election, and they must be removed five days after the election.

Mayor George Bray said, “As someone who has experienced the campaign process, I know that yard signs are a vital marketing tool for candidates as they seek name recognition.  They are a cost-effective way to reach a wide range of voters.  However, there are guidelines in place to limit the amount of time that candidates can display their signs.  We want candidates to reap the benefits from signage, but we also want our neighbors to know when and for how long they can expect to see these signs.”

For more information about signs, read Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 126-76.  Please note that the City’s sign regulations were updated in April 2022.  Click Ordinance No. 2022-04-8728 for the most recent sign ordinance.  Contact the Paducah Planning Department at 270-444-8690 if there are any questions.

Election day is November 8, 2022.