Scam Using Non-Emergency Phone Number

Date of Release: 
March 03, 2021

Time:  5:05 p.m.

Date:  Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Location:  Paducah, KY    


Paducah police are warning of a scam reported late this afternoon that appeared to come from the police department’s non-emergency telephone number. 

A man told police he received a telephone call, with the caller I.D. showing 270-444-8550.  He said a man told him that there was a warrant for his arrest, and unless he transferred nearly $2,000 by pre-paid American Express cards, he would be arrested on Thursday. 

The victim said the caller, who spoke with an accent, gave him a telephone number to call a man named Brian Webb.  “Webb” told him to purchase a prepaid Blue Bird American Express card and give him the card number over the telephone. 

After the money was transferred, “Webb” told the victim to await a second call with instructions on how to pay the remainder of the money.  While waiting for the call, the victim called the 911 Communications Center.  Dispatchers told him that he had been the victim of a scam. 

While on the telephone with the 911 Communication Center, the victim received a second call, showing it was from 270-444-8550.  Dispatchers advised the victim to hang up, and sent an officer to meet with him. 

“Spoofing” is a common practice among scammers:  using software to hide their telephone number and make another number appear on the victim’s caller I.D. 

Please remember that the Paducah Police Department will never contact you by telephone regarding a warrant, nor will the department confirm a warrant over the telephone.  Also, the department does not accept payment in lieu of arrest. 


 Never give your private information, including bank information or Social Security number, over the telephone unless you are confident to whom you are speaking.