Stormwater Pipe Collapse in Parking Lot Off James-Sanders Boulevard

Date of Release: 
March 01, 2022

Date of release:  March 1, 2022

You may have noticed the fencing and excavator in a section of the parking lot in front of Hobby Lobby and Tuesday Morning on James-Sanders Boulevard near the Kentucky Oaks Mall.  Recently, a 96-inch corrugated metal pipe that runs under the parking lot partially collapsed.  This pipe is for stormwater flow from the Olivet Church Road and mall area. 

Even though the parking lot is on private property, Paducah’s Engineering Department is working with the property owners in the area since this pipe is a critical piece of infrastructure for maintaining stormwater flow for this portion of the community. 

The pipe is approximately 41 years old.  In November 2019, a section of the same pipe partially collapsed in the parking lot of the former Toys-R-Us store.