Upcoming Deadline to Renew Business License

Date of Release: 
April 11, 2023

The City of Paducah Finance Department is reminding the public that the deadline is April 18 to renew a business license in Paducah. To request renewal information or ask a question, contact the Finance Department at revenuepaducahky.gov.

For fillable forms and other information, visit Business License Information.

(Note: Effective April 29, 2024, the service charge is 3.75 percent with a $2.50 minimum per transaction.) How to Make a Payment  To make a payment, the City of Paducah accepts cash, check, credit, and debit card payments through the online portal, in person at City Hall located at 300 South 5th Street. Payments can be made over-the-phone as well by calling 270-444-8513.  A 2.95 percent service charge will apply on credit and debit card payments. Payment types include Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The City does not charge or retain this service charge. There is a $2.00 minimum per transaction.

Who Needs a Business License  According to Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 106-63, any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, individual that receives or expects to receive gross receipts in excess of $600 annually in the conduct of business in Paducah is required to obtain a business license.