Administration Division

The Administration Division oversees the department's day-to-day operations. The division is led by Chief of Police Brian Laird, and comprised of his assistant (Public Information), the Office of Professional Standards, Training, and Community Engagement. The division is responsible for budget, personnel, accreditation, internal affairs, policy review, and all departmental training.

The Paducah Police Department's Professional Standards Unit is responsible for assisting with policy development, managing accreditation, investigating complaints against officers, tracking use of force (response to resistance), and assessing Homeland Security threats.

The Training Officer, as a member of the Professional Standards Unit, maintains training records and ensures that officers receive the proper amount and type of training each year. The Paducah Police Department Officers receive on average, more than 9,000 training hours per year.

The Community Engagement Officer makes presentations to community groups and organizations, increases awareness about the resources our department has to offer the community, and coordinates community events.


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