Speaker's Bureau


About the Speaker's Bureau

To provide the services in the City of Paducah, it demands research and development, strategic planning, innovative partnerships, and advanced technology.  Paducah works hard to serve our customer’s needs in addition to ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life of citizens and increase economic development opportunities.

The City of Paducah wants to learn more about the community and provide an opportunity for citizens to be educated about the City’s wide range of programs, plans, projects, and services.  That’s the reason behind a Speaker’s Bureau.  It’s a free service created for citizens to receive information, get involved, and ask questions.  City of Paducah employees are willing to share their knowledge, programs, and services with Paducah’s church, civic, community, and professional organizations.  Groups may include homeowners’ associations, neighborhood associations, garden clubs, school clubs, senior groups, or any group who wants to be involved.

Request a Speaker

You or your organization may request a guest speaker to attend a meeting or special event.  If you would like to request a speaker, please send the following information to .  Please provide the information a minimum of two weeks prior to your event. 

  • Name of group, association or organization
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address
  • Event name
  • Event date and time
  • Event location
  • Number of expected attendees
  • Time allotted for presentation
  • Requested topic for presentation

You will be contacted by the Communications Manager to confirm the details.  We will make every attempt to schedule your requested speaker; however, granting a request is subject to the speaker’s availability.  If there is a topic of interest not on the list below, please contact the Communications Manager.

Presentation Topics 

911 Communications Services Division - The Career and Responsibilities of being a Telecommunicator

AdministrationPaducah Government Structure, City Manager Form of Government, Paducah Citizens' Academy

Engineering and Public Works

  • Compost Facility—How it Works
  • Taking Care of City Streets and Street Projects
  • Floodwall


  • City Budget—Understanding the City’s Revenue and Expenditures
  • Investment Fund

Fire Department

  • Public/Life Safety Education
  • Fire Prevention in the Home and Workplace
  • Car Seats—Safety and Your Child
  • Emergency Planning
  • Code Enforcement and Inspections

Human Resources

  • City of Paducah Hiring Process
  • Risk Management
  • Wellness Plan and Incentives

Parks and Recreation Department

  • Current Parks Department Projects
  • Maintenance of City and its Parks
  • Oak Grove Cemetery

Planning Department

  • Neighborhood Planning and Development
  • City Planning (including land use planning, comprehensive planning, and zoning)
  • Housing Programs
  • Paducah Main Street Initiatives
  • Downtown development initiatives

Police Department

  • Citizens' Police Academy
  • Crime Statistics for City of Paducah
  • Police Work as a Career
  • Crime Prevention Strategies

Technology - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping