Our Mission is to serve the public to the best of our ability, to make sound fiscal decisions, to maintain accurate and timely accounting records, to provide information and support, and to accomplish our goals with a sense of pride and a spirit of cooperation. The Finance Department consists of three divisions: Administration, Accounting & Budget, and Revenue.


The overall operation of the Finance Department is managed by the Finance Director to bring about the most effective use of the City's resources for all taxpayer services. Administration oversees the general operation, which includes, but is not limited to Budget Preparation, Accounting/Payroll, Debt Management, Budgeting Monitoring, Revenue Collection operations, Business License/Payroll Taxes, Cash/Investments Management, and technical assistance to other City departments, governmental agencies, and outside agencies.

Accounting & Budget

The Accounting & Budget Division is responsible for preparing financial reports, including monthly financial statements, the annual budget, and the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. This division also processes bi-weekly payroll for all employees and prepares all manner of payroll-related reports. They receive and process all purchase requisitions entered by departments, issuing over 6,000 vendor payments a year.


Revenue (270-444-8513) is responsible for the billing and collection of property tax bills, business licenses, payroll taxes, municipal insurance premium taxes, and all other miscellaneous revenue received from all sources. This division works closely with other departments for business licensing compliance and coordinates collection efforts with legal staff to collect delinquent accounts. 

Payment Options

Payments for business licenses, property tax bills, building permits, fines, and liens can be made online, in-person at City Hall, or over the phone at 270-444-8513. In addition to cash, check, and/or e-check, the City of Paducah accepts credit and debit card payments.

  • There is a flat fee of $1.50 per payment by e-check.
  • A 3.75 percent service charge will apply on credit and debit card payments. Payment types include Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The City does not charge or retain this service charge. There is a $2.50 minimum per transaction.

Online Payment

Visit Track Your Tax Dollars for information about the City's Budget, Annual Financial Report, Investment Fund and Payroll Tax, and Property Tax.