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About Paducah View

Paducah View LogoPaducah View is a short two to five minute video segment featuring a City of Paducah project or program.  The WKCTC Television Production Department and Communications Manager  produce the episodes.  Paducah View airs during the rotating slide show between shows on Government 11 (channel 11 for Comcast subscribers).

In October 2013, the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) awarded Paducah View with its Bronze Medallion Award in the College Video Program category.  The NCMPR District 2 Medallion Awards is an annual award celebration recognizing outstanding achievement in communications at community and technical colleges. 


September 2018 (episode 50, 2:47 minutes) - Paducah View - Oxygen Use Safety     In this episode, Deputy Fire Marshal April Tinsman with the Paducah Fire Department explains the safety tips that need to be considered when using portable medical oxygen.

September 2018 (episode 49, 3:40 minutes) - Paducah View - Curbside Recycling    In this episode, Assistant Public Works Director Chris Yarber explains the City of Paducah's voluntary, residential, curbside recycling program and how you can get involved. 

September 2017 (episode 48, 4:05 minutes) - Paducah View - Paxton Park Golf Course   In this episode of Paducah View, Danny Mullen, director of golf & operations at Paxton Park Golf Course, talks about the course's history, its improvement projects, and its value to the community.  

August 2017 (episode 47, 3:57 minutes) - Paducah View - Lock It or Lose It Campaign  In this episode, Paducah Police Officer Chris Fearon explains the Lock It or Lose It Campaign which stresses the importance of locking your vehicle and keeping valuables out of sight.

April 2017 (episode 46, 3:34 minutes) - Paducah View - Dangers of Hoarding  In this episode, Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry with the Paducah Fire Department discusses how compulsive hoarding produces situations that can pose a danger to emergency responders, to neighbors, and to the person living in the home.     

March 2017 (epsode 45, 4:49 minutes) - Paducah View - Below 100 Training Program  In this episode, Paducah Police Training Officer Scotty Davis explains the Below 100 training program which has the goal of preventing line of duty deaths and injuries.   

January 2017 (episode 44, 4:12 minutes) - Paducah View - Geographic Information System (GIS)  In this episode, City of Paducah GIS Manager Stephen Chino explains the GIS Consortium which is a partnership among six agencies and the benefits of having a shared Geographic Information System.  

October 2016 (episode 43, 3:00 minutes) - Paducah View - 911 Center Accreditation  In this episode, 911 Communications Services Department Assistant Director Brent Stringer explains the accreditation process through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police for the local E-911 center. 

October 2016 (episode 42, 4:43 minutes) - Paducah View - 1606 Harrison Street  In this episode, Community Development Planner Charlie Doherty talks about the home located at 1606 Harrison Street in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood.  The Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency is requesting proposals for the purchase and transfer of this newly constructed home.  

July 2016 (episode 41, 2:53 minutes) - Paducah View - Police Foundation  In this episode, Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill provides an overview of the Police Foundation of Paducah-McCracken County.  

June 2016 (episode 40, 4:25 minutes) - Paducah View - Escape Planning  In this episode, Deputy Fire Marshal April Tinsman provides an overview of escape planning for homes, hotels, and other facilities.  

May 2016 (episode 39, 6:09 minutes) - Paducah View - Storm Water Management  In this episode, City of Paducah Storm Water and Drainage Engineer Eric Hickman discusses storm water management and how the public can help maintain flow into the system.  

April 2016 (episode 38, 4:09 minutes) - Paducah View - Paducah Recreation Center  This episode features the Paducah Recreation Center located at 1527 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.  Recreation Superintendent Amie Clark discusses the facility and its programs.  

March 2016 (episode 37, 3:38 minutes) - Paducah View - DARE Program  In this episode, Community Resource Officer Gretchen Morgan with the Paducah Police Department talks about the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program, also known as DARE.  The program is taught to local 5th-graders.  It focuses on avoiding drugs, making smart decisions, and exercising self-control with confidence when faced with a bad situation.  

March 2016 (episode 36, 4:14 minutes) - Paducah View - Farmers' Market  In this episode, Special Events Coordinator Molly Tomasallo provides an overview of the Paducah Homegrown Farmers' Market located in downtown Paducah.  

December 2015 (episode 35, 2:46 minutes) - Paducah View - Emergency Vehicles Response  In this episode, Paducah Police Capt. Joseph Hayes explains what drivers should do when an emergency vehicle is approaching.  

November 2015 (episode 34, 4.21 minutes) - Paducah View - Greenway Trail Etiquette  In this episode, Recreation Specialist Taylor Morsching discusses Greenway Trail etiquette.  

June 2015 (episode 33, 6:09 minutes) - Paducah View - General Fund Revenue  In this episode, Finance Director Jonathan Perkins provides a history of the General Fund revenue and recent trends.  The General Fund is the City of Paducah's main operational fund.  

May 2015 (episode 32, 4:15 minutes) - Paducah View - Positive Policing  In this episode Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill discusses a new informational card provided by the department entitled “You and the Law.”  Chief Barnhill explains how the community and the department can work together to make each interaction between an officer and citizen informative and positive. 

May 2015 (episode 31, 3:45 minutes) - Paducah View - Operation Round-up    In this episode learn about Operation Round-up, a program through Paducah Power System to help customers who need a little assistance paying their utility bills. 

March 2015 (episode 30, 5:39 minutes) - Paducah View - Downtown Programs  In this episode learn about the new programs established by the City to encourage the stabilization, rehabilitation, and further development of downtown Paducah. 

January 2015 (episode 29, 13:21 minutes) - Paducah View - Energy Efficiency  In this episode Andrea Underwood with Paducah Power System shares energy efficiency information. 

December 2014 (episode 28, 3:47 minutes) - Paducah View - Upper Story Living Initiative In this episode Downtown Development Specialist Melinda Winchester outlines about a program created this year through Paducah Main Street and the Paducah Planning Department. The Upper Story Residential Grant Program allows property owners within a defined area in historic downtown to apply for financial assistance to create new upper story living spaces in new or existing buildings.  

October 2014 (episode 27, 3:23 minutes) - Paducah View - 2014 Touch a Truck  In this episode, have fun watching photos of the 2014 Touch a Truck event, an annual event organized by the Paducah Parks Services Department.  It allows children to see, touch, and sometimes sit in the driver’s seat of about two dozen types of vehicles and talk to their operators.  Touch a Truck has received the Outstanding Program Award from the Kentucky Recreation & Park Society.  

September 2014 (episode 26, 5:26 minutes) - Paducah View - West Kentucky Crime Stoppers  In this episode, Paducah Police Captain George Johnson explains how West Kentucky Crime Stoppers operates, its success, and how the public can make a difference. 

August 2014 (episode 25, 2:11 minutes) - Paducah View - My Paducah  In this episode, Public Information Officer Pam Spencer explains the My Paducah logo and community engagement initiative. 

May 2014 (episode 24, 4:05 minutes) - Paducah View - Fuel Consumption  In this episode, Paducah Finance Director Jonathan Perkins explains the city's budget for gasoline and diesel fuel.

April 2014 (episode 23, 6:25 minutes) - Paducah View - Bike Safety  In this episode, Paducah Police Sgt. Steve Smith provides safety information for drivers and bicyclists. 

February 2014 (episode 22, 6:35 minutes) - Paducah View - Dogwood Trail 50th Anniversary   In this episode, Paducah Civic Beautification Board Member Dabney Haugh talks about the 50th anniversary of the Paducah Dogwood Trail. 

February 2014 (episode 21, 5:02 minutes) - Paducah View - Dogwood Trail Commemorative Pins  In this episode, Paducah Civic Beautification Board Member Carol Vanderboegh talks about the commemorative Paducah Dogwood Trail pins which will be sold March 8, 2014, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Grace Episcopal Church (820 Broadway).  The Dogwood Trail is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014.

February 2014 (episode 20, 3:55 minutes) - Paducah View - Dogwood Trail History   In this episode, Paducah Civic Beautification Board Member Mary Lynn Thompson talks about the history of the Paducah Dogwood Trail which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

January 2014 (episode 19, 6:20 minutes) - Paducah View - Property Tax   In this episode, Finance Director Jonathan Perkins explains the City's property tax rate, its history, and how it compares to other Kentucky cities. 

December 2013 (episode 18, 3:09 minutes) - Paducah View - Shopping Safety  In this episode, Paducah Police Officer Melissa Dillon provides safety information to remember while shopping. 

December 2013 (episode 17, 2:54 minutes) - Paducah View - Distracted Driving  In this episode, Paducah Police Officer Gretchen Morgan talks about the dangers of distracted driving.

October 2013 (episode 16, 4:10 miutes) - Paducah View - Online Dangers  In this episode, Paducah Police Officer Gretchen Morgan talks about the dangers of social media and online communication tools and provides some reminders about how to stay safe while online including information about privacy settings, passwords, online dating, and cyberbullying.   

September 2013 (episode 15, 2:26 minutes) - Paducah View - Prescription Drug Drop Box  In this episode, Paducah Police Captain Brian Krueger talks about the prescription drug drop box located in the lobby of the Paducah Police Department at 1400 Broadway.  The box is a free method for citizens to dispose of no longer needed or expired medications.  In this episode, Captain Krueger explains why it's important to properly dispose of medications and the program's success.

August 2013 (episode 14, 4:24 minutes) - Paducah View - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  In this episode, Finance Director Jonathan Perkins talks about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the City's 22nd consecutive Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada.

August 2013 (episode 13, 2:32 minutes) - Paducah View - Police Officer Recruiting  In this episode, find out what it takes to become a Paducah Police Officer.  Officer Beau Green talks about the requirements, the application and testing process, and the academy.

April 2013 (episode 12, 4:52 minutes) - Paducah View - Traffic Enforcement Unit  In this episode, learn about the traffic enforcement unit that was initiated by the Paducah Police Department in October 2012.  Captain Don Hodgson explains the reasons for starting the unit, the unit's successes, and its future goals.

February 2013 (episode 11, 2:28 minutes) - Paducah View - Citizen Survey  In this episode, learn about the Citizen Survey that will be distributed in late February and early March to 1200 randomly selected households in the city limits.  The City of Paducah wants to know what you think about city services and about the city in general.  These results will help City leaders prioritize services, evaluate operational systems, and focus attention on items that may need to be addressed in more detail.

February 2013 (episode 10, 4:31 minutes) - Paducah View - Preparing for Winter Weather  On this edition, meet Engineering-Public Works Street Superintendent Brandy Topper.  Paducah's Engineering-Public Works Department is ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us during the winter.  They use a combination of plows, granular salt spreaders, and brine.  This episode outlines when each is used and the benefits of using brine. 

January 2013 (episode 9, 7:47 minutes) - Paducah View - Changes to Building Code  On this edition, meet Fire Chief Steve Kyle.  The Paducah Fire Prevention Division wants the public and contractors to be aware of changes in the code adopted by the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction.  These codes are enforced by the City of Paducah.  The State is now using the 2009 version of the International Energy Conservation Code rather than the 2006 version.  This episode outlines some of the code changes.

December 2012 (episode 8, 3:49 minutes) - Paducah View - Holiday Safety  On this episode, meet Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry of the Paducah Fire Department.  Based on data from the National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 400 home fires occur each year involving Christmas trees and/or decorative lighting.  Cherry provides information on how to stay safe during the holidays and the entire winter. 

December 2012 (episode 7, 3:07 minutes) - Paducah View - Surplus Property  On this edition, meet Planning Director Steve Ervin.  Over the years Paducah has acquired various pieces of property.  A few years ago, the City inventoried those properties and made a list of the ones considered to be surplus.  Ervin discusses the process for viewing and acquiring the parcels.

November 2012 (episode 6, 4:34 minutes) - Paducah View - HOME Grant in Fountain Avenue Neighborhood  On this edition, meet Community Development Planner Charlie Doherty.  Charlie talks about a grant that the City has received to build seven homes in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood.  He also explains the various ways you can become a resident of the neighborhood.

October 2012 (episode 5, 5:22 minutes) - Paducah View - Proper Planting of Trees  On this edition, Tree Advisory Board Chairman Henry Barbour talks about the proper planting of trees, desirable tree species, and Paducah's vegetation ordinance.

September 2012 (episode 4, 3:30 minutes) - Paducah View - Permitting Process  On this edition, Parks Services Director Mark Thompson explains the permitting process for organizations to hold events such as festivals in the City of Paducah.

August 2012 (episode 3, 3:35 minutes) - Paducah View - Midtown Golf Course and Disc Golfing  On this edition, meet Recreation Specialist and disc golfer John Gorrell.  John discusses the new 9-hole disc golf course at Midtown Golf Course, the 18-hole disc golf course at Stuart Nelson Park, and disc golfing in general.

August 2012 (episode 2, 2 minutes) - Paducah View - Tot School and Neighborhood After School Program:  On this edition, meet Recreation Superintendent Amie Clark.  Amie discusses Tot School and the Neighborhood After School Program.

August 2012 (episode 1, 5 minutes) - Paducah View - Playground Safety InspectorsOn this episode of Paducah View, meet Parks Maintenance Superintendent Les Evans and Recreation Specialist Micah Walker with the Parks Services Department.  They are both Certified Playground Safety Inspectors through the National Park and Recreation Association.  They discuss the certification process and what they look for as they are inspecting the City’s playground equipment.