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Your City at Work allows you to dig into City services, projects in the construction phase, and related agencies in action.  , Communications Manager for the City of Paducah, is the host and producer.

Episodes Your City at Work

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November 2022: Your City at Work - Letters and Drawings to Mayor Bray  In celebration of City Government Month, Mayor George Bray reads letters to the Mayor and shows student-drawn pictures of beautiful things in Paducah.  38 minutes

April 2022:  Your City at Work - Barkley Regional Airport and City Block  Pam Spencer talks with Mayor George Bray about two transformational projects: Barkley Regional Airport's new terminal project and the City Block project in downtown Paducah. 31 minutes

November 2021: Your City at Work - Letters to the Mayor  We celebrate City Government Month and read letters to the Mayor from local elementary students.  33 minutes

June 2021:  Your City at Work - Mayor George Bray Discusses City Commission Priorities  Pam Spencer interviews Mayor George Bray. Mayor Bray discusses several priority projects including the McCracken County outdoor recreation and sports complex, 911, downtown, the Paducah Diversity Advisory Board, and more.  25 minutes

December 2020:  Your City at Work - Parks & Recreation Department Leadership  Parks & Recreation Department Director Amie Clark and retiring director, Mark Thompson, talk about various parks projects, the effects of COVID-19 on parks events and programming, and the benefits of parks and recreation for a community and individual wellness.

March 2020:  Your City at Work - 2020 Dogwood Trail  Jackie Smith with the Paducah Civic Beautification Board talks about the 2020 Dogwood Trail. The theme is "Pick Up and Plant Paducah." Smith provides an overview of the various Dogwood Trail Celebration events including the landscape lighting sale, the bicycle ride, trolley ride, discounts through local nurseries, and the Children's Dogwood Art Contest. Smith thanks Paducah Power System for their partnership this year.  20 minutes

February 2019:  Your City at Work - Paducah Police Chief Brian Laird (2019)  Pam Spencer interviews Paducah Police Chief Brian Laird.  Laird was promoted to Chief effective January 1, 2019. During this episode, Chief Laird discusses his background, history with the Paducah Police Department, training, recruiting, team-building, officer wellness, and community challenges including homelessness, mental health, and the opioid crisis.  24 minutes

February 2019:  Your City at Work - Be the Best (2019)  Pam Spencer interviews City Manager Jim Arndt about Paducah's new mission statement (To be the best city in the world) and organizational values. 35 minutes

October 2018:  Your City at Work - City Manager Jim Arndt (2018)  Pam Spencer interviews City Manager Jim Arndt about what attracted him to the City Manager job in Paducah, his background, Paducah's strengths and challenges, and the development of the Strategic Plan.  28 minutes

February 2016:  Your City at Work: State of the City (2016)  Pam Spencer interviews Mayor Gayle Kaler and City Manager Jeff Pederson about the State of the City.  

October 2015: Your City at Work: Body Worn Cameras Pam Spencer talks with Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill about body worn cameras. 19 minutes 

October 2015: Your City at Work: Demolition Process Pam Spencer talks with Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry about the demolition process. 20 minutes 

June 2015:  Your City at Work: Lethality Assessment Program  Pam Spencer talks with Paducah Police Officer Austin Guill and Dana Sanderson, outreach advocate for the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center, about the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP).  The LAP is a tool used by officers when responding to domestic violence calls.  26 minutes     

February 2015:  Your City at Work: State of the City  Pam Spencer talks with Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler and City Manager Jeff Pederson about the State of the City of Paducah.  39 minutes     

December 2014:  Your City at Work: Fire Prevention Division  Pam Spencer talks with Paducah Fire Chief Steve Kyle about the history and responsibilities of the Fire Prevention Division.   30 minutes     

March 2014:  Your City at Work: Higher Education  Pam Spencer talks with Mayor Gayle Kaler, West Kentucky Community & Technical College President Dr. Barbara Veazey, and Murray State University Dean of Continuing Education and Academic Outreach Dr. Brian Van Horn about Paducah's college and university corridor on Alben Barkley Drive near the Interstate-24 Exit 7 interchange.  27 minutes     

September 2013:  Your City at Work: WKCTC Active Shooter Training Drill  NOTE:  This is a drill.  There is graphic video, but no one was injured.  Pam Spencer walks the viewers through a training drill involving active shooters held on the campus of West Kentucky Community & Technical College.  Learn about the training scenario from the WKCTC Director of Security and how the Paducah Police Department responds and trains for these types of situations.  At the end of the episode, viewers will learn what to do if they are ever in situation involving an active shooter or witness an event.  21 minutes  

May 2013:  Your City at Work: Ghost Out Program  Pam Spencer spends the day at Paducah Tilghman High School to learn about a program called Ghost Out.  The program helps students understand the dreadful consequences resulting from impaired driving.  The Grim Reaper selects students who then must write their own obituaries.  The program ends with a powerful ceremony and a plea from a young woman, Kelly Samples, who survived a crash after being hit by a drunk driver.  The program is organized by the Paducah Police Department and the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety with the help of the Paducah Fire Department. 29 minutes     

November 2012:  Your City at Work: Online Safety  Pam Spencer interviews Paducah Police Captain Don Hodgson and Officers Gretchen Morgan and Kelly Drew about online safety.  39 minutes     

November 2012:  Your City at Work: Engineering-Public Works  Pam Spencer interviews Paducah Engineer-Public Works Director Rick Murphy, Maintenance Superintendent Randy Crouch, and Floodwall Superintendent Kenny Brannon about various maintenance projects underway in the City.  21 minutes     

October 2012:  Your City at Work: Distracted and Impaired Driving Prevention  Pam Spencer interviews Paducah Police Captain Donald Hodgson and Rick Schad with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety about the risks associated with distracted and impaired driving.  Students at Paducah Tilghman High School use simulators to show the effects.  19 minutes     

May 2012:  Your City at Work:  Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program   Pam Spencer interviews several partners involved in the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program of Paducah-McCracken County.  26 minutes   

March 2012:  Your City at Work: Paducah Recreation Center  Pam Spencer interviews Parks Services Director Mark Thompson and Recreation Superintendent Amie Clark about the Paducah Recreation Center located at 1527 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.  23 minutes  

November 2011:  Your City at Work: Dogwoods  Pam Spencer interviews two members of the Civic Beautification Board about the Dogwood Trail and other CBB programs.  Plus, learn how to properly plant a dogwood.  28 minutes

July 2011:  Your City at Work: Barkley Regional Airport  Pam Spencer visits Barkley Regional Airport to learn about the flights, history, airfield services, and operations.  29 minutes           

March 2011:  Your City at Work: Fountain Avenue Neighborhood  Pam Spencer tours the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood to learn about the revitalization efforts and the future plans for the neighborhood.  30 minutes  

March 2011:  Your City at Work: Recycling   Pam Spencer visits the Greater Paducah Sustainability Project Recycle Now facility located at 1830 North 8th Street to learn about recycling.  28 minutes; posted 3-3-11     

September 2010:   Your City at Work: Touch a Truck   Pam Spencer takes viewers to the Parks Services Department's Touch a Truck event where kids and their parents get to learn all about dozens of large vehicles. 27 minutes; posted 9-22-10     

June 2010:   Your City at Work: Teach an Old Dog New Tricks   Pam Spencer interviews Paducah Kennel Club President Patience Renzulli and City Commissioner Gayle Kaler about the history of Paducah's dog ordinance.  29 minutes; posted 6-1-10.

December 2009:  Your City at Work: Paducah Ice Rink   Pam Spencer interviews Parks Services Director, Mark Thompson, and Park Maintenance Superintendent, Trace Stevens, about the ice skating rink in downtown Paducah.  Viewers will learn about the construction of the rink and watch Spencer try to skate for the first time in decades.  The episode ends with dozens of skaters enjoying an afternoon on the ice.  28 minutes; posted 12-21-09.      

September 2009:   Your City at Work: Paducah Fire Department   In this episode, learn about the history and the four divisions of the Paducah Fire Department.  Pam Spencer interviews Fire Chief Steve Kyle, Fire Marshal Greg Cherry, and Batalion Chief and Training Officer, Ronnie Rathman.  Watch fire fighters as they use the jaws-of-life to open a car door.  25 minutes     

August 2009:  Your City At Work: Floodwall   Pam Spencer interviews City Engineer-Public Works Director Rick Murphy and Floodwall Superintendent Kenny Brannon about the history, maintenance, and restoration of the City of Paducah floodwall.  29 minutes     

July 2009:  Your City at Work: Wellness Plan   Pam Spencer interviews Stephanie Skinner, Benefits Specialist, about the City of Paducah's wellness plan.  Spencer also interviews Commissioners Richard Abraham and Carol Gault about their fitness goals and the importance of a health workforce.  Don't miss the heart-pumping workout during the last few minutes of the episode.  28 minutes; posted 7-13-09    

June 2009:   Your City at Work: Julian Carroll Convention Center   Pam Spencer interviews Steve Doolittle Director of the Paducah Renaissance Alliance about the recent renovations to the Julian Carroll Convention Center in downtown Paducah.  28 minutes; posted 6-24-09     

February 2009:  Your City at Work:  After the Ice Storm   Pam Spencer interviews the UK Cooperative Extension Agent for Horticulture, the City of Paducah's Certified Arborist, and the City of Paducah's Grounds Supervisor about the aftermath of the ice storm.  Learn about tree anatomy, certified arborists, local resources, and how to use a chain saw.  30 minutes;  posted 2-25-09     

November 2008:   Your City at Work: Leaf Season   The Public Works Department discusses leaf season, the September 14, 2008 wind storm, and the compost facility.  2 minutes