Support Services Division

About the Support Services DivisionSupport Services Division

The Support Services Division of the Paducah Police Department includes the Drug Unit, the General Investigations Unit (GIU), Digital Forensics Unit, Crime Analyst  911 Communications Services and Records and Evidence Unit. These units are led by the Assistant Chief of Support Services.

The Drug Unit engages in covert and overt operations in an effort to combat dangerous drugs, prescription drug abuse, and related activity in the Paducah area. The GIU is responsible for investigating felony cases against persons and large-scale property crimes. The Records Unit maintains all police reports completed by our officers in addition to body-worn and in-car camera videos, and investigative case files. The Evidence Unit is responsible for the security and accountability of all evidence and property seized by the Paducah Police Department's Sworn Officers. These specialized units are equally important in bringing an investigation to a successful conclusion and ensuring custody of records and evidence for criminal prosecution.

The Digital Forensics Unit (DFU), which was formed in 2011, is the Paducah Police Department’s response to the rise in the use of technology in crime.  The DFU has the capability to examine mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other digital storage devices.