Stormwater - Strategic Plan Item

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Implement projects in Stormwater Master Plan.

Note: This was also a 2021 priority and 2022 and 2023 continuous improvement item. For 2024, it is a Commission Priority.

Stormwater Project Details

  • Review projects in current Stormwater Master Plan and study Stormwater Utility feasibility.
  • Complete the 24th Street Detention Basin Project.
  • Identify the next stormwater abatement project.
  • Work with consultant to create a Drainage Manual and update city ordinances to comply with current industry standards.
Accomplishments and Projects


  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds  In July 2021, the Paducah Board of Commissioners approved designating $4 million in ARPA funding toward stormwater infrastructure projects. The City is receiving approximately $6.439 million in ARPA funds.  
  • Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Grant The City applied in 2022 for a BRIC grant through FEMA for the 14th Street Relief Sewer Project which is listed in the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan. The project involves a large-diameter relief sewer along 14th Street and H.C. Mathis Drive to mitigate overland flow that collects near 26th and Kruger streets.

Stormwater Projects  Amended the contract with engineering consultant, Strand Associates, to include modeling and cost estimates for four possible stormwater projects listed in the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan. Also, the City has started reviewing a Drainage Manual, a draft document provided with Strand Associates, that emphasizes design criteria of stormwater management systems. Strand also is looking at updating city ordinances to comply with industry standards.

  • Buckner Lane Bridge Project  Using ARPA funding, the Buckner Lane Bridge Replacement project was expanded to run from Hansen Road to Pecan Drive. Construction began May 31, 2022. The construction contract was closed out in July 2023. The project included constructing a wider replacement bridge over Crooked Creek, installing a new culvert under Oakcrest Drive, and the widening of Buckner Lane roadway with utility relocations. This project improves stormwater conditions in the area by reducing the times Crooked Creek comes out of its banks due to severe storm events.
  • Central Avenue  In 2022, using City funds and existing contracts, much-needed drainage improvements were made to an approximately 1550 foot long ditch on Central Avenue.
  • Pipe Replacements Using the ARPA funding, the following projects will be completed in 2024.
    • James Sanders Boulevard - a 96-inch diameter pipe under the road will be replaced.
    • Nolan Drive - a 96-inch diameter piper under the road will be replaced.
    • Minnich Avenue - Two failing pipes under the road will be replaced with headwalls added on each end.
  • South 24th Street Project  This project which involves roadway improvements and a stormwater detention area has been designed. The City purchased property along Barnett and South 24th streets to use for stormwater retention (using ARPA funding). The parcels are being used to create an approximately 4-acre stormwater detention area to help reduce residential flooding along Cross Creek. Work to create the detention area is underway.
  • South 25th Street Road Improvement Project  The project, which was awarded to Central Paving Company, began on June 13, 2022. The project improves connectivity, walkability, and drainage with work on South 25th Street from Jackson Street to Alabama Street. Read more about the South 25th Street project. To further enhance the South 25th project, North 25th Street is receiving stormwater improvements by installing curbs, gutters, and stormwater conveyance systems.
  • Stormwater Detention The City is working with technical consultant, Strand Associates, to identify and design retrofits for existing stormwater detention facilities to increase their performance in the Crooked Creek Watershed.

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