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The City of Paducah Online Services Portal is a 24-hour permitting and service request system. An account is required for permit and plan applications. Use the Online Services Portal to

  • View permit information and records (permits, plans, inspections, and code cases).
  • Apply for commercial and residential building, planning, and construction permits.
  • Submit subdivision and development proposals, rezoning plans, sign permits, etc.
  • View permit application status and reviews.
  • Schedule, cancel, and view inspection results.
  • Pay invoices and fees for permits and plans.
  • Make service requests through the 311 portal.

Apply for Permits and Plans

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule (Section 126-143 of Zoning Ordinance)

Citizen Boards for Planning

The Paducah Planning Department provides staff support to several City of Paducah boards including the Board of Adjustment (BOA) | Creative & Cultural Council | Historic Architecture Review Commission (HARC) | Paducah Main Street | Paducah Planning Commission and URCDA.

Board of Adjustment (BOA)

The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board established under KRS 100.217. Learn more including the Board's duties, members, and meetings by visiting

Board of Adjustment

Creative & Cultural Council

To enhance arts and culture in Paducah, the City established the Paducah Creative & Cultural Council in December 2019 (Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 2).  The Council's roles and functions include

  • Acting as a resource for local artists and organizations.
  • Undertaking initiatives that support the creative economy and the arts and culture ecosystem of Paducah.
  • Uniting and connecting local partners to address community needs and make the community more healthy, vibrant and equitable.
  • Recognizing, promoting and encouraging creative industry growth.
  • Identifying funding and grant opportunities for local artists and arts & cultural organizations and assisting with the acquisition of said funding and grants.
  • Coordinating efforts between agencies and individual artists and educating the public regarding community arts opportunities.
  • Assisting with the installation of public art in neighborhoods, public places, and commercial corridors.
  • Performing assessments on the state of arts and culture in Paducah. 

Learn more including the Council's members, meetings, and artist directory by visiting

Creative & Cultural Council

Historic and Architectural Review Commission (HARC)

The City of Paducah Historic and Architectural Review Commission was established under KRS 100.217.  HARC is a special board of adjustment, which has sole and exclusive jurisdiction as a Board of Adjustment over historic zones and the Neighborhood Services Zone (NSZ) within the City. 

Learn more including the Board's duties, members, and meetings by visiting

Historic and Architectural Review Commission

Paducah Main Street

Visit Paducah Main Street for information about the Board and its meetings.


Visit Downtown Development Programs for information and applications regarding

  • Artist Setup Area Application
  • Downtown & Market House District Assessment and Reassessment Tax Moratorium
  • Historic Downtown New Business Grant Program
  • Micro-Grants: Facade and Beautification
  • Roof Stabilization Assistance Program
  • Upper Story Residential Grant Program
Paducah Planning Commission and URCDA

The City of Paducah Planning Commission is established by Paducah Code of Ordinances Section 82-31 through 82-35 pursuant to KRS 100.133.  It is a seven-member citizen board appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Commission. The Planning Commission has numerous duties including, but not limited to the following:

  • Hold Public Hearings
  • Review and approve subdivisions
  • Review annexation requests and make recommendations to the City Commission
  • Review Conditional Use applications and make recommendations to the Board of Adjustment
  • Review and approve Development plans and amendments
  • Review Planned Unit Developments
  • Review and approve applications for zone changes and map amendments
  • Make recommendations to the City Commission or the Board of Adjustment.

Learn more including Board members, duties, and meetings by visiting

Planning Commission and URCDA