Planning Documents

Comprehensive Plan

In 2007, the City of Paducah completed a major update of the Comprehensive Plan, a document required by Kentucky State Law.  The plan was amended in 2012 and readopted in 2017. It serves as a road map for the future of the community and should guide decisions on all levels of government. 

Comprehensive Plan (Adopted July 2007, Amended June 2012, Readopted June 2017)
Map - Growth Area, Future Land Use (Map 3.3)
Map - Thoroughfare Plan (Map 4.5)

Economic Development

City Block Project
Forward Paducah (2017 Update)
Forward Paducah Vision & Strategy (2016)
Holiday Inn Paducah Riverfront (Opened in 2017 Next to Convention Centers)

Neighborhood Plans

Downtown Design Standards (rev 2022)

Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (2007)
Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Services Zone Design Guidelines (rev 2022)

Lowertown Neighborhood Plan (2002)
Lowertown Neighborhood Design Standards (rev 2022)

Parks Master Plan

Parks Master Plan (2020)
Parks Master Plan (2008 Amendments to 2002 Plan)
Parks Master Plan (2002 Plan)


Paducah Riverfront Redevelopment Concept Plan (2018)
Paducah Riverfront Benefit-Cost for Riverfront Redevelopment Concept Plan (2018)
Paducah Commons Small Area Plan (2015)
Renaissance Area Master Plan (RAMP) (Adopted 2011, Amended 2013)
Paducah Riverfront Redevelopment Plan (2007)

Riverport Authority Container-on-Barge Project

Riverport Authority Container-on-Barge Project - BUILD Grant Application (2018)
Riverport Authority Container-on-Barge Project Map
Riverport Authority Container-on-Barge Benefit-Cost Analysis Report

Sidewalk Study

Sidewalk Study Plan (2009)

Strategic Plan - Commission Priorities

Commission Priorities

Transportation Planning

Transportation Plan