Remote Workers Incentive Program

Paducah Wants You!

Life in Paducah is sweet.  It's warm, welcoming, and fun.  Plus, it's a community that wants you.  We want you to DO WHAT YOU DO FROM PADUCAH!  We have a package of incentives to bring you, a hard-working remote worker, to this beautiful city with an incredible quality of life.  You will be an important piece of the Paducah puzzle that helps us grow, succeed, and achieve Paducah's mission - TO BE THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD

Remote Workers Incentive Program - Summary Document

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The Offer - Don't Pass This Up!

Paducah's incentives will financially entice you, but even more importantly, they will help you experience and immerse yourself into Paducah's cultural and educational experiences.  This package of incentives is valued at nearly $6500 (assuming an annual salary of $100,000).

Individuals qualifying for the City of Paducah's Remote Workers Incentive Program may be eligible to receive the following: 

  1. Relocation Reimbursement - Up to $2,500 reimbursement for expenses associated with relocating to the City of Paducah.  Eligible expenses include renter’s deposit, down payment on a home, rental of moving trucks or trailers, the hiring of professional movers, and/or the purchase of packing materials.   
  2. Internet Allowance - Up to $70.00 per month reimbursement for 12 months for fees associated with internet services provided to a residence located within the City of Paducah.  
  3. Payroll Tax Waiver - Waiver of City of Paducah 2% payroll tax for 12 months.    
  4. Cultural and Educational Amenities - With a value of approximately $1150, receive tickets/passes, training, memberships, and/or experiences to a variety of Paducah's cultural and educational institutions.  Participating partners include
Carson Center Murray State University Paducah Symphony Orchestra West Kentucky Community & Technical College (WKCTC)
Inland Waterways Museum (previously known as River Discovery Center) Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce Sprocket  
Maiden Alley Cinema Paducah School of Art & Design (PSAD) Yeiser Art Center  
Market House Theatre      

Eligibility - We Hope You Qualify!

To participate in the Paducah Remote Workers Incentive Program, an applicant must

  1. Be 21 years old or older;
  2. Be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, or have other credentials necessary to work in the United States;
  3. Live at least 100 miles outside the limits of the City of Paducah at the time of application for the program; 
  4. Work full-time for a company in which all offices are located at least 100 miles outside the Paducah city limits;
  5. Be able to perform a majority of their employment duties remotely from a home office or co-working space located inside the Paducah city limits evidenced by written documentation from their employer;
  6. Acquire primary residency in the City of Paducah within three (3) months of acceptance into the Remote Workers Incentive Program, as evidenced by a lease with a physical address or a deed of conveyance of real estate which includes a home;
  7. Agree in writing to retain primary residence in the City of Paducah for at least one year beyond the initial twelve-month program; and
  8. Not be a participant in any other publicly-funded program/initiative.  

Apply Here - This is Exciting!

Click the application link below.

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Make Sure You Live Within Paducah's City Limits

As you are looking for a place to live in Paducah, please make sure that the home or apartment is located within Paducah's city limits since that is one of the criteria for program eligibility.  To find out if a property is in the City, type its address into the link below.

Address Checker for Paducah City Limits

Contact Us - We Want to Hear from You!

If you have a question about the Remote Workers Incentive Program or want to learn more about Paducah, contact Business Development Specialist Melanie Reason (270-444-8690).