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Creative and Cultural Council logoCouncil's Role

To enhance arts and culture in Paducah, the City established the Paducah Creative & Cultural Council in December 2019 (Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 2-581 through 2-584). The Council's roles and functions include

  • Acting as a resource for local artists and organizations.
  • Undertaking initiatives that support the creative economy and the arts and culture ecosystem of Paducah.
  • Uniting and connecting local partners to address community needs and make the community more healthy, vibrant and equitable.
  • Recognizing, promoting and encouraging creative industry growth.
  • Identifying funding and grant opportunities for local artists and arts & cultural organizations and assisting with the acquisition of said funding and grants.
  • Coordinating efforts between agencies and individual artists and educating the public regarding community arts opportunities.
  • Assisting with the installation of public art in neighborhoods, public places, and commercial corridors.
  • Performing assessments on the state of arts and culture in Paducah. 

Council Members 

The Council is composed of seven Paducah citizens appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Board in addition to two City employees.  

Chad Clark, Citizen
Michael Cochran, Citizen
Basil Drossos, Citizen
Ashlea McMillan, Citizen
Steven Page, Citizen
Cindy Ragland, Citizen (Chair)
Cheryl Sullivan, Citizen

Hope Reasons, City of Paducah Grants Administrator
Vacancy - city employee

Council Meetings and Minutes

The Creative & Cultural Council meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5 p.m. at Market House Theatre, 122 Market House Square, Classroom B, unless otherwise noted. 

Creative & Cultural Council Minutes

Join the Directoryjoin the creative directory

The Paducah Creative & Cultural Council offers, an online directory to leverage and promote local and regional artists.  Creatives in Paducah and the surrounding area are invited to join the directory to link artists and creatives with projects, promote the variety of artistic categories, and elevate the creative culture in Paducah.

The directory features creative professionals who specialize in various disciplines including architecture, design, film, photography, art education, performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, and more.  At, professionals can join the directory by submitting a survey and photos of their work. There is no fee to participate. Once listed, creatives are searchable by art type, location, professional affiliation, and the opportunities they are seeking such as mentorships, commissions, residency programs, performance bookings, and teaching opportunities.

If you have a question, email

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the City of Paducah and the Paducah Creative & Cultural Council. 

Join the Creative Directory

Interested in Serving

If you are a Paducah citizen interested in serving on the Creative & Cultural Council, submit an application and a resume or biography to the . The application can be found at Boards and Commissions.  Contact the City Clerk’s office at 270-444-8506 for more information.